Publishing and Property law

  • Ponte Journal publishes accepted manuscripts after peer-reviewed process at the earliest possible time.
  • Generally, a paper should represent an advance in understanding likely to influence thinking in the field.
  • Full papers must be based on completed original works of significant novelty.
  • If a manuscript is not scheduled for publication by the end of the six-month period following acknowledgment of receipt, authors may request that the manuscript be released to them.
  • Papers that are published or held by this journal may not be published elsewhere (either in sum or in part) without written permission from Ponte journal.
  • Ponte journal reserves the right to register and index only some papers with the minimum quality requirements based on the terms & conditions of each well-known database.
  • The indexing process for peer-reviewed papers takes about 6 months and it depends on the terms & conditions of each database.
  • All authors of published papers are required to transfer copyright ownership of the manuscript to the Ponte journal.
  • Authors are required to obtain written copyright permission to include material in their paper for which they do not own copyright.
  • For papers that are published for a fee, after publishing, authors will receive no refund and before publishing a partial refund will be issued.
  • Ponte journal reserves the right to edit all manuscripts for format, grammar, clarity and etc.
  • Ponte journal reserves the right to reproduce published papers in full or in part in other media.
  • Ponte policy to maintain the integrity and completeness of the scholarly record: CrossMark