PONTE Journal is looking for new Editorial Board Members with the passion to drive the journal forward in an exciting period of development. It is a significant role that will require active engagement with the journal and author community, particularly in assisting with peer review.

Main Tasks of Editorial Board members

The role of the Editorial Board is to act as an ambassador for the journal, working closely with the Editor in Chief and Associate Editors to promote the journal content and engage with the journal’s reader and author community. Successful candidates will be expected to champion the journal and help us to maintain and improve the Journal’s standards and quality by:

  • Reviewing articles: When requested by the Editor-in-Chief or Associate Editors please review papers within the allocated deadline. If you are unable to review for any reason please suggest alternative reviewers from your networks. This is a crucial part of being on the Editorial Board and integral to the continuing success of the Journal. If you are unable to suggest a colleague or review the paper yourself, please let the editors know as soon as you can to avoid delaying the peer review process.
  • Encouraging submissions: Encouraging quality submissions to PONTE Journal helps the journal to grow in quality and reputation. Please consider submitting a paper yourself to the Journal and actively encourage students and colleagues to submit.
  • Suggesting special issues, ‘hot topics’ and review articles: Hot topics and/or review/special issues can attract more readers and citations to the Journal. If you spot any trends or areas that might help raise the profile or benefit PONTE Journal please let the editors know your suggestions or submit your own for consideration.
  • Citing the Journal: If you are writing articles please remember to use the Journal in your research, where appropriate. Citing articles from PONTE Journal will help increase the Impact Factor.
  • Encouraging usage of the Journal: Encouraging your faculty, students and other professionals to use the Journal helps librarians to decide to retain/subscribe to the Journal at your institution.
  • Encouraging your institution to subscribe to the Journal: If your institution does not already subscribe, please recommend PONTE Journal to your librarian. Subscriptions ensure the Journal’s commercial success and increased circulation means increased usage and citations.


Editorial board members should possess a high degree of expertise in their specialty (or specialties), have experience with reviewing manuscripts, and be committed to participating in the process of providing timely, high-quality reviews for the journal on which they serve. Additional Requirements:

  • Must have been awarded a PhD or equivalent doctoral degree in respective research area
  • At least 1 year of research experience after PhD or equivalent doctoral degree
  • Minimum of 3 publication records articles and /or books in specific research field
  • Minimum of 1 publication record article in PONTE Journal

If you are interested in reviewing for PONTE journal, please fill this Application Form and send along with your CV to: join_reviewers pontejournal net

If you are interested to be one of PONTE journal's editorial board, please fill this Application Form and send along with your CV to: join_editorial pontejournal net