In these challenging times, more than any moment in most of our lifetimes, we all need to come together. By making sacrifices now, we can protect the health of as many people as possible.

PONTE Journal acknowledges the devastating impact Coronavirus (COVID-19) is having around the world.  Ensuring a safe environment for our employees and customers is our key focus, while minimizing disruptions to allow our services to continue.

We are working hard to help ensure that in the face of unimaginable risk and anxiety, the important work of research can go on. There will be many lessons to learn from this tragedy, but one of the most important has got to be respect for the value of knowledge, research and scientific discovery and its propagation.

Please be informed that our Business Continuity plan is in place and we assure you that your needed services will be presented without any delay and disruption. This is doing by tight cooperation with our global team such as editors and reviewers.

We are offering extensions for any researchers whose ability to work is affected by the Coronavirus outbreak. We understand that many may find it difficult to meet journal deadlines and encourage anyone who needs an extension to contact us with their manuscript number.