Ponte Academic Journal
Mar 2019, Volume 75, Issue 3


Author(s): PhD and Associate Professor Ismailov Ismail Elman

J. Ponte - Mar 2019 - Volume 75 - Issue 3
doi: 10.21506/j.ponte.2019.3.10

Abstract. As a result of the development of the information economy, the network economy can be considered as a direct demand, demand of the sixth technological mode.Network economy means specific economic relationships between people for the purpose of distributing, exchanging, consuming and displaying a variety of products and services by using the internet, the interconnection network of multilevel structures organized between economic agents, providing fast connection between demand and offer, a form of economic activity based on global e-commerce. The expansion of the networks economy, of course, also requires to the increase in the volume of e-commerce (e-commerce). E-commerce is the purchase of goods and services through electronic communication channels, by using the Internet, and computer technology. The role of virtual and online stores is great in the implementation of e-commerce. The volume of e-commerce in the world is increasing. About 10 percent of the worlds trade is in e-commerce, and this proportion is increasing. The volume of e-commerce in the CIS, including Azerbaijan, is not at a high level yet.This is because of several problems. For the solution of these problems, recently many works have been carried out in the direction of e-commerce development. Legislative base has been established, a number of works have been done to promote online commerce and so on.
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