Ponte Academic Journal
Jan 2018, Volume 74, Issue 1


Author(s): Nikitina Lyudmila Nikolaevna ,Shikov Pavel Alekseevich, Shikov Yuriy Alekseevich, Kotsyuba Igor Yurevich, Chunaev Anton Vladimirovich, Shikov Aleksey Nikolaevich

J. Ponte - Jan 2018 - Volume 74 - Issue 1
doi: 10.21506/j.ponte.2018.1.21

Evaluation of the innovation potential of small enterprises that implement innovations is of paramount importance for the management of all business processes in the enterprise. It is no less important for credit and investment organizations that work with such enterprises. This is relevant for small businesses that have just started their activities and do not have sufficient statistical data of its financial and operational performance. The strategic risks of a small enterprise are great when choosing the wrong strategy for introducing innovations or producing an innovative product. The risks are great for investors who, not knowing the real innovative potential of a small enterprise, will not be able to effectively organize its lending. The article presents the developed methodology for assessing the innovative potential of small enterprises by experts on the basis of building and analyzing network graphs of key performance indicators. It is crucial for any small enterprise not only to know its innovative potential, but also to be able to manage it for the purposes of strategic development. The company should see the problems in its development and be able to design specific indicators that are necessary for the successful implementation of innovations. A forecast of innovative development of the enterprise is important due to the fact, that on its basis appropriate recommendations are developed. It is also essential for a small enterprise to assess all risks when implementing innovative projects. In many studies, the innovative potential is represented in the form of a complex estimation or the integral index, and the absolutely important coefficients, or the relative performance, or expert assessments. The method presented in the article for assessing the innovative potential of small enterprises that implement innovations in their activities based on the construction and analysis of the KPI network diagram allows experts to objectively Make a conclusion about the innovation potential and the possibility of its implementation in obtaining the necessary investments, and the smallest enterprise to obtain an independent evaluation of the chosen investment strategy when introducing or producing innovative products.
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