Ponte Academic Journal
Feb 2017, Volume 73, Issue 2

Lexicography on the Cusp of the New Millennium - Some Reflections on Recent Trends and Likely Developments

Author(s): Yogesh Kumar Sinha

J. Ponte - Feb 2017 - Volume 73 - Issue 2
doi: 10.21506/j.ponte.2017.2.35

The digital space is a reality today and a global phenomenon encompassing almost every segment of all life and has of late become a prerequisite of our learning teaching trends and practices. The way dictionaries of the yesteryears are being approached today by the millennial generation of English language learners leaves very little to ponder over the efficacy of a digital trend and effectively leaves us with the idea of a second language acquisition through a digital-determined self-learning self-accessing rather autonomous learning methodology in this coming of age of internet and the internet of things. This article, therefore, looks into the manner in which the scope of lexicography has undergone dramatic changes in terms of well-defined innovations and advances in lexicographical techniques and methods of presentation linking autonomy, digitalization, and language learning at the cusp of the new millennium.
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